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The Young 'Uns

The 'Young 'Uns', aptly named after a very popular song at the time of their formation,  are the junior section of Llangollen and District Amateur Operatic and Dramatic Society.   The Young 'Uns,  strongly supported by the Adult Operatic Society,  have been providing great entertainment in Llangollen since 1990! 

(Ooh,  that's nearly 30 years ago!)


As the programme for the Young 'Uns first 'full production': 'The Wizard of Oz' explains;- 'From very humble beginnings three years ago' the children have developed a wonderful talent which has enabled them to present a full production.' 


The 'Wizard' programme for 1991 does not provide details of those early pioneers who first developed the Young 'Uns; but speaking to some of them, it is clear that they feel very proud of being part of the beginning of it all, and that it is still going on and going from strength to strength, thirty years later.


Our thanks go to those pioneers including:-  Jon and Nancy Haddy, Jeanette Robinson, Stella Bond.  Alison Jarvis (formerly Alison Heath) Pete Lingard,  Gill Davies


and Sue Gibbons. (For details of the legions of others who have contributed so much to the Young 'Uns shows,  please see extracts from the programmes showing details of each show and Production Teams and Young 'Uns' Cast Lists and other significant acknowledgements, year on year and show by show.)  


For the past thirty years, volunteers from the Operatic Society have developed this 'wonderful talent' in the Young 'Uns, providing rich, but very affordable opportunities for our members to experience creative and cultural development and to engage in musical performance, dance, stage-craft skills, and dramatic interpretation and presentation, culminating in four performances of an exciting annual show, with an audience drawn from the local and wider community. (For details, see 'The Shows list in 'The Young 'Uns, A Little History')

Up to fifty enthusiastic 6 to 18 year olds take part each year and speak of how much they have enjoyed and valued their experience with the Young 'Uns.  Members are drawn, not only from Llangollen, but from a wide range of surrounding areas, including Chirk, Corwen, Glyn Ceiriog and Wrexham.


Many of the Young 'Uns go on to engage in academic qualifications related to our work, and gain qualifications at GCSE, GNVQ, and A level, and a good number go on to take degree courses related to the performing arts at university, with a high level of success.  The most talented can be outstanding and progress to a stage career.   The Young 'Uns are much valued by their community and are grateful to their community for their warm support.

Want To Join Us?

We do currently have a bit of a waiting list, but should you want to join we'd love to hear from you! Please head over to the

Contact Us page and select the 'Young 'Uns' option when sending your message.

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